The Temple of Rhea-Kybele

Welcome to the Temple of Rhea, our Meter Theon. Here, you may offer prayers to the Great Goddess and Mother of the Olympian Gods.

Here, you may make offerings of words, poems (anything you like, really) in honor of the Great Goddess. Please take a few minutes, relax, and think about the sacred goddess.

“Pimplean goddesses, come here from heaven and sing with me of the Mater Theon, how she went wandering through the mountains and glens trailing her flowing hair and distraught in her mind. When lord Zeus saw the Meter Theon, he threw a thunderbolt and smashed the rocks; and Kypris urged her and took the tambourines: 'Mother, go off to the gods: father Zeus summons you; and do not keep on wandering over the mountains; have fierce lions or gray wolves become your friends? She replied, 'I shall not go off unless I get my portions, half of heaven and half of the earth and a third portion, half of the sea: only then shall I go off.' Greetings, great Meter, queen of Olympos!”
Greek Lyric V Anonymous Fragments 935